The Two side of Living in the Countryside

Obviously, there are always two sides of a coin or else two sides of living in the countryside. If there are Pros their cons. Of course, there are always two sides to living in the countryside. This article will explain to you the reasons for the good things and quite bad things living in the countryside.
Clean air, unpolluted surroundings the countryside has. Things that city is lacking, you can have here a wide space for your dream house, and the more advantage is you do here whatever you want. You can construct and have animals without worrying for your neighbors. Unlike with city you are not allowed to do these things, because they have limited space and polluted air that is not good for your animals and to you as well.
In the countryside, you can have a space for your garden and your children can use it as their playgrounds. You can save your money because you can grow plants for your food. You are free from diseases like asthma due to pollution, you can live peacefully.
You can have more friends because the people here love to help each other. The bonding of neighbors is very important for them; they treat each other as their family too. Unlike cities, they won’t talk, and if you are not part of their family, they won’t help you.
They share dishes from others, invite all the neighbors in every occasion, and they share things they have. They are more positive persons due to the environment they live in. They have a happy living and a peaceful mind.
One thing that is quite bad living in the countryside is they have poor connections. Since they are far from the city, it’s hard for them to communicate. Not just using telecommunication but also by communicating their relatives from other places. It’s hard and expensive for them to travel. Not all of them buy mobile phones since they have a poor connection. For them, it is useless to use it.